• The Phantom Menace as any fule kno is one of the worst films ever made. It is, in fact, so bad that one ingenious individual has put up an hour long review (in seven parts) which is not only very funny, but rather ingeniously deploys a “persona critic” (some of whose opinions and behaviour may offend those of you of a sensitive disposition).
  • Rosemary Goring responds to critics of the Literature Working Group.
  • My dear friend (and predecessor as Literary Editor), Andrew Crumey has updated his home page with parts of Constellations, an ongoing, absolutely fascinating project, involving Walter Benjamin, Louis Blanqui, multiverse theory and the ethics of fiction. And 24.
  • Aye Write starts next week: I’ll be over in Glasgow to chair (amongst other events) Tariq Ramadan, a panel on the memoir, comics writers Denise Mina and Bryan Talbot, Louise Welsh and an event on Scotland’s Future. But it terms of things I’m looking forward to just attending: “The Early Days of a Better Nation”, a panel on contemporary Scottish sci-fi, looks fascinating (Sunday 7th, 20.00), Don Paterson and Robin Robertson should be unmissable (Saturday 13th, 15.30) and Harry Reid and Richard Holloway will be debating the meaning of the Reformation (Monday 8th, 19.30).


Is this the best comics cover ever? Can anyone hazard a guess at how a story involving all the elements might ever come together? I’m betting dream sequence. Or drugs.

Can anyone explain this situation?


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