The best book cover ever

Sent to me by David Bishop at Edinburgh Napier… I am determined to own a copy of this.



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5 responses to “The best book cover ever

  1. John

    If only you’d posted this on the 17th…

    Why can’t there be more covers like this nowadays? Nothing kitsch, not a pastiche of books-gone-by, but real original artwork that evokes a book’s content; not just some easy unintelligent photograph with exaggerated monotoning.

  2. Behm

    Which begs the obvious question: what would Darby O’Gill do? Has the character of King Brian (an uncanny doppleganger of Alex Salmond) been changed to Fuhrer Brian? If only Sean Connery were here…

  3. Ryan Calton

    That, is magnificent, can you say MINDBLOWN?

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