As if there weren’t enough ways to waste time already…

I was sent a link to the rather wonderful “Nostalgia Critic“, providing in-depth analyses of things I remember from the 1980s. Having spent the morning reading and reviewing an academic monograph on the use of Scots in Scottish newspapers, I think I’m entitled to watch a sarcastic video about the He-Man Christmas Special.

And the final clue: I’m surprised no-one’s clicked what the book is, but perhaps this final snippet will winkle the scales off your eyeballs.

“One could call in a government department – the Irish government, presumably – but the most likely immediate result would be confusion, and quite possibly the letting in of exploiting commercial bodies. Decisions were going to have to be made, and you were unlikely to get swift and rational decisions from government departments. “Especially”, Daniel suggested, “Irish government departments”.”



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3 responses to “As if there weren’t enough ways to waste time already…

  1. tsrosenberg

    Oh, I clicked what the book is — quite literally, though, as my ‘satiable curiosity sent me straight to Google Books, and I felt I’d best recuse myself from that part of the game.

    However, if I didn’t know better, based on this excerpt on its own, I’d suggest Dennis O’Driscoll’s unpublished memoirs….

  2. Scott

    A geek writes:

    What was the monograph on Scots? And where’s the review?

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