Every Question I Answer Will Simply Lead To Another Question

So that was it: after 122 hours, flashbacks, flashforwards and flashes sideways, dream sequences, weird instructional videos, weird brainwashing videos, and more sly cultural references than you shake an Apollo Candy bar at, we got The End. Lost is over. Personally, I found it emotionally satisfying if flaccid on the geek payloads; and that judgement is qualified by the fact that almost any ANSWER would have been even more bathetic than the mysticism with which the writers wrapped up the show. Vague and Manichean though the ending was, it was, I’d argue, preferable to scenes where Ben might have said “It’s a quantum entanglement device that was found in a meteorite that destroyed the first Taweret temple under the second dynasty” or “the Atlanteans harnessed their alpha brain wave energy using this lodestone of Uranium 239, but it generated a nanocloud of negative emotions” or even, manes preserve us, “Computer, end holodeck simulation”. More importantly, is it The End? I doubt it very much indeed. Lost pioneered online “extraneous” narratives – not always successfully, as in the case of the “Alvar Hanso” webgame – and there’s even a couple of tie-in novels. With the “canon” now fixed, there’s plenty of room for fans to do what the writers didn’t, and come up with answers to everything. Setting aside the Big Plots – what happened in the rest of the lives of the characters who escaped? – here’s a few potential scenarios. Who were all the other names on Jacob’s lighthouse and in the Enemy’s cave – Beckett, McHenry, Kluxen, Lambert, Klein and the rest? If they were former candidates, when were they there? With the Black Rock? With the US Army and their H-Bomb? With Dharma? With the Statue Builders? What about back stories for the recruitment of characters like “Captain Friendly”, Pickett, Brother Campbell or Karl? There’s a whole culture around the Others (their burial rites, their judicial branding) which was hinted at but never developed, and likewise with Dharma. There are three whole years with Sawyer, Miles, Juliet and Jin as Dharma Members, where plots could easily be set. Mark my words: Lost is just beginning.


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