Media Overload

Well, I’ve been out and about doing media promotions: on Newsnight Scotland, and podcasting for the Edinburgh International Book Festival, (twice). It’s weirdly tiring. But do check out Derek’s film on the Newsnight clip, if only for the Worst Ever Statue Of Sir Walter Scott.

Thinking in the taxi on the way home, it struck me that part of the problem with having a coherent strategy for literary tourism is the sheer number of bodies with a vested interest. Off the top of my head, you’d have to include Creative Scotland, Visit Scotland, Festivals Edinburgh, Unesco City of Literature, The National Trust for Scotland, Historic Scotland, Scottish Natural Heritage, the new Book Nation (an umbrella organistion for the non-Edinburgh book festivals) – and then there’s the Book Trust, Storytelling Centre, Association for Scottish Literary Studies, National Library, Museums and Galleries Council, the Scots Language Centre, the Scottish Poetry Library, The Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in Scotland, The Gaelic Books Council… and then all the individual trusts, such as Abbotsford or Little Sparta… then the council-managed properties, like the Grassic Gibbon Centre, or the Buchan Museum, or the Souter House… hopefully when we get the Ministerial Statement on the Literature Working Group (due September, I hear) there might be some light on how we’ll be progressing. That, or some fudge: it is Scotland after all, and confectionary has a central role in most decisions. 

Meanwhile, the house is gradually packing itself up. The festival is descending. The next books are clamouring at the back of my brain. Och well, onwards.


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